Hamid Hirad

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Hamid Hirad

Hamid Hosseinzadeh was born in February 1991 in Malek village of Chabksar province of Guilan province. He has a mix of pop and traditional Iranian music.

Meaning of Hirad: Hirad is a boy’s name of Persian origin and means happy and funny and is actually a person who has a happy and happy face.

Hamid Hirad has not had a formal interview with any news outlet so far, and his presence on the December 96 periodic television program was his first official interview. He is a quiet and quiet person, avoiding the sidelines and, despite his particular calmness, is very excited about his music.

The beginning of Hamid Hirad’s career

Hamid Hirad was interested in music and singing as a child from the age of six and began singing at the age of fifteen, finishing high school, choosing a traditional music style and working with a group called Darug on his career. started. He then sent one of his traditional music to a new vocal company after accepting a collaboration with the music company and officially began his professional career in late 95.

His first work with the band Band and Arian Bahari and Ali Rahbari called Ababib in Esfand 95 released two months later in May. The jigsaw puzzle attracted a wide audience. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Installation.

Hamid Hirad Singing Style

The highlight of Hamid Hirad’s works is that his lyrics are mostly lyrical and his singing style reminds him of blended music these days. He specializes in playing the trumpet and daf, and is skilled at playing three strings.

Hamid Hirad’s Loving Era

Hamid Hirad in a periodic response to Mehran Modi, who asked if he had ever fallen in love with his abusive love, said: “All of this has naturally happened in their lives. Yes, I fell in love, but as the first love of the experience It was not good and unfortunately they died. ”

Part of Hamid Hirad’s talk at Durham

“Hamid Hirad is my artistic name and my original name is Hamid Hosseinzadeh. Hirad is chosen by the people and if I am here it is for the sake of the people. Hirad means good moral, funny and mythical.” My music that I worked on to date has been traditional music. My teachers have taught me respect and respect and I’ve always tried to follow it. This singer said about her concerts: I had no independent concerts, but with the puzzle group. I was in ward one, two cases. ”

He told Mehran Modi about his popularity in cyberspace:

“I have 153,000 Falvers, most of whom have followed me after doing a ‘joke’.”

He also stated that the main concept of my work is Love of God and my works are adapted from Hafiz, Saadi and Rumi and I specialize in the percussion of the percussion instruments.

Hamid Hirad Ney donated handmade master Hassan Kasai to the periodic museum set up to help the earthquake victims.

She has participated in the Formula One program twice with the puzzle group.