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7Band (7 the musicband )
Before we start with the name of the group of seven, we were friends for a long time. Each different form of music with other kids and sometimes we work together on the things we had in common. It’s about the partnership was formed. Working together, we were in concert together to construction of tracks and turn “stars” arrive. Then comes’ for you die “was. Seven simple and from the heart of a friendship and a shared love of music and picked up.

Arash Ghanadi:
Tehran Born on: 10 Persian date Shahrivar 1357
Specialized instruments: Keyboards, Accordion
Field: Supervision Department of Administrative Affairs, musicians, singers, composers,

Amir Ghanadi:
Born 7 Persian date Ordibehesht 1362 Karaj
Specialized instrument: Guitar, Electric Guitar
Field: Composer, writing lyrics, vocalist

Kiarash Poozeshi:
Born 9 Persian date Bahman 1356 Bandar Abbas
Specialized instruments: keyboards, piano
Field of activity: Arrangement, writing lyrics, musician, singer, composer